Truly impactful brand and website design showcases your beautiful aesthetic, land your dream projects, and helps free up time to do what you really love. With our design process and worry-free website care plans, you’re in good hands. Together we’ll channel your values, style, and goals into a digital presence that lets you shine, both online and out there.

Controlling your Brand’s Online Experience

Your current website got you this far, but now, you feel it’s holding you back. You’re ready for a luxury digital presence you’re proud of: one that lands your best projects, honors your fresh yet timeless designs, and is 100% fuss-free. Sound like what you’re after? You’re in the right place. I believe the best brands and websites are the ones that take care of you. Your goals, your time, and your impact. With my streamlined website creation process and worry-free website care plans, I can help you do just that.

Personalized Process

A smooth and streamlined design process you’ll love with direct access throughout.

Custom Website Design

A custom WordPress website beautifully and strategically tailored to your aesthetic, goals, and client conversion.

Visual Branding

Need a fresh logo and brand design for a polished and cohesive look online and off? That’s available, too.

Expansive Portfolio Rounds

Showcase your best work with style and strategy with a featured portfolio page you’re proud to share.

Refinements Rounds

Collaboration is key to building a brand you adore. Refinements and check-in calls are built into every project.

SEO-Friendly Rounds

Collaboration is key to building a brand you adore. Refinements and check-in calls are built into every project.

Add-on Services

Available add-ons include cohesive print design assets, digital design assets, social media templates, and more.

Website Training

Personalized website training to show you how to make edits and updates with ease… but only if you want to!

Website Care Plans

Never stress over your website again. With a Website Care Plan, we’ll cover upkeep, maintenance, edits, and more.


The Walls

Experience a personalized website design process that prioritizes your business goals.

Designers are notoriously organized, and of course, have a zillion pieces to juggle behind the scenes. The same is true for website designers, and you can bet it’s all buttoned up over here. If you love a defined process (“flawless” according to clients), clear deadlines, and respect for your time and energy, I can’t wait to show you how fun and effortless a new website can be! Here’s how it works:

The purpose of the brief is to get an accurate definition of your business and growth goals. The client explains their business, target audience, and the goals of the website – is it supposed to wow a young visitor with exciting imagery and modern videos? Or is its function to allow no-nonsense online shopping for an average parent?

Through research and brainstorming sessions, Juniper will outline ideas and concepts for the website that would fit the client’s specifications. An important part of this is usually the information architecture, which basically defines how the content will be structured throughout the website and how a visitor will access it.

This is the step where the website starts to take shape. Juniper will now have all the data needed to start working on the actual look of this project. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we select several pages to be designed and shared with the client, along with a style guide for the overall website.

Once the designs are approved both internally and by the client, we move into development. WordPress is generally our content management system (CMS) of choice – along with about half the internet. It’s mobile-friendly and, most importantly, easy for our clients to update and maintain post-launch and into the future.

Quality Assurance is a vital role after development is complete. At this stage, we test everything internally and allow the client an opportunity to test the site fully before launch. This allows us to pinpoint specific issues directly on the live (staging) site and keeps the testing phase of work as efficient as possible.

Finally, we flip the switch and the website is live! We make it sound so simple but it’s a refined process that ensures both a smooth launch and smooth handoff to the client for ongoing management. With all clients, we run through comprehensive content management training, demonstrating how to update content and manage the site internally.