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As a business owner, you don’t have time to mess around (and neither do we). So we’ve created a straightforward, get-it-done web design process proven to minimize stress and maximize success.

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Generating Leads With Web Design

It takes people 0.5 seconds to decide whether to stay on your website or hit the back button — and while that’s defined by your website design, it doesn’t mean that “beautiful” websites are the effective ones.

The path a website visitor takes from perusing the web to becoming your client is called a conversion funnel. Boosting traffic to a website and guiding potential consumers through the conversion funnel requires aesthetically appealing visual elements that focus on creativity, usability, and conversions. A cutting-edge website design that represents your unique firms objectives can support all of your marketing efforts by capturing your audience and maintaining their interest.

At Juniper Consulting Group we’ve reached an average increase of 25% conversion rate for our customers in 6 months. We do it by constantly learning and improving our process to make prospects not only stay on your website, but go through it, get their questions answered and, eventually, buy your product/service.

How We Produce Stellar Websites



We take the time to talk to our clients and understand their business philosophy. During a thorough discovery meeting, we discuss your firm’s goals, the direction of the content, and the most appropriate design features. Mapping out the content helps us architect a website that is eye-catching, modern, relevant, and meets your strategic marketing goals.



Our creative teams are always collaborating, so when your flat visuals move to development, the transition is seamless and fluid. We developed a suite of tools and components that guarantee a smooth production process. Our team of talented developers build: Dynamic WordPress websites that are robust and polished; Module design for faster development; Responsive UX design transitions that are smooth and performant.



We produce tailor-made web designs that complement each of our clients’ businesses and engage users. We make sure to integrate everything we learned during the discovery, as well as: Brand audit and research on your practice’s profile; Craft user experience design that complements your brand; Wireframe and prototype to establish customer’s journey.



We want to ensure your website gets results. Our creative and marketing teams put all of our websites through a rigorous test before the final launch. The site is carefully analyzed for its usability, performance, and visibility. Once your web project is live, we will continue to test and monitor your website to reinforce its success and define a brand experience that will be unforgettable.

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UX Design

The most relevant aspects of UX design are the ones craved by the intended audience. This is why it is incredibly important to know what your target users prefer and dislike before taking the design decisions for your website. It is through a customer-centric design only that your digital product can attract more users, drive engagement and boost sales conversion. If the success of an effective marketing campaign is ultimately evaluated through the number of leads it generates, a great user experience makes the biggest push for business conversion.

Digital Consulting.

No matter where you are on your journey, Juniper's digital consulting can help you assess your strategy, plan your course and implement solutions for real results. Our always-on, constantly connected society has made the possibilities for digital innovation endless. It’s an exciting time. With increasing customer expectations for personalized and omni-channel experiences, investing in digital capabilities to improve communications and sharpen the end-to-end process is now a requirement.

Website Development

Finding a quick, effective, and an affordable team that offers a full range of top-quality custom website development services is one of the most difficult tasks for both new and established businesses. If you’re also looking for a custom website development agency that has marketing expertise and ultimately builds websites that sell, then your mission becomes almost impossible. By implementing a system of innovative processes that allow us to understand the specific custom website development and marketing needs of each of our clients, and offer custom solutions to meet every need, we have cut the time for producing a website in half without it affecting the quality of the work delivered.

A/B Testing

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) involves comparing two versions of a web page to see which one is the better performer. Two web pages are shown to similar visitors at the same time. Every business website wants visitors to convert from being mere visitors to something else. For e-commerce sites, this conversion is almost always a consumer making a purchase. The rate at which a website is able to do this is known as its “conversion rate”. Measuring the performance of a variation (A or B) means measuring the rate at which it converts visitors to goal achievers.

Logo & Branding

Having a brand identity doesn't just make your product more memorable; it makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace. A brand that establishes a face, and maintains that face consistently over time, develops credibility among its competitors and trust among its clients. A brand identity is a template for everything you would include on an advertisement for your business -- whether that ad is in print, online, or a preroll commercial on YouTube. A brand with a face and industry credibility is well prepared to promote itself and make impressions on potential buyers.

Digital Marketing Insights for Financial Service Firms

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