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Responsive WordPress Sites

It is deceptively easy to launch a website these days, especially a WordPress website design, especially with WordPress being the largest and most popular content-management system in the world. However, if you want an effective online representation of your business, do not fall for the system’s simplicity. A highly-converting website design always starts with your buyer’s persona and their journey in mind and requires deep understanding of your target market, as well as identifying a clear goal that your website should fulfill.

Do you need your website to:

  • Directly sell to your prospects?
  • Give your prospects more information about your products or services?
  • Get your prospects e-mail address?
  • Direct your prospects to a physical location?
  • All of the above. If so, which is most important?

Once we help you identify your buyer’s persona and the #1 goal of your website, we invest time and resources in finding the right strategy for achieving that goal. To do this, we analyze your industry and the general recommendations about what works and what doesn’t. We also inspect your competitors’ websites and see which website sections work for them and what mistakes they’re making. This allows us to position you as an online leader in your field from user experience point of view.

At this stage, we present our concept for your corporate WordPress website and while we are always open to your suggestions, it is important for us that we create a website that appeals to your end client and not just to you. Many web design companies are more interested in satisfying their clients instead of their clients’ clients — which is where they fail. Not us. While we will stick to your brand vision, you must remember your sense of style is subjective, while the numbers we look at when designing a website are not.

Your web design affects your success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too, which is another factor we take into consideration when preparing your website. Since the ultimate objective of all search engines is to improve the usability of the web, if you want to rank higher on Google, you need a website that is built with solid technological expertise and offers effortless navigation.

Of course, your Juniper WordPress website design will come with a user-friendly admin system that would allow you or anyone in your team to update the content, even with zero HTML expertise.

Custom Website Development

Finding a quick, effective, and an affordable team that offers a full range of top-quality custom website development services is one of the most difficult tasks for both new and established businesses. If you’re also looking for a custom website development agency that has marketing expertise and ultimately builds websites that sell, then your mission becomes almost impossible.

By implementing a system of innovative processes that allow us to understand the specific custom website development and marketing needs of each of our clients, and offer custom solutions to meet every need, we have cut the time for producing a website in half without it affecting the quality of the work delivered.

Our team is experienced in utilizing all popular technologies to help you achieve the goals of your website, including, but not limited to HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET MVC, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.0, MS SQL, AJAX/Javascript/jQuery, XML, Google Maps API and other GIS technologies, eCommerce integration and WordPress custom theming and development. You can count on us to develop customized websites and plugins quickly, and to stick to our high-quality standards on every step of the way.

While the technological process of developing a website is not usually viewed as part of the marketing of a business, even here we focus on lead generation and website conversion rates. To ensure your website performs as well as you want it to, we apply our UX, CRO and SEO expertise to every project.

Nowadays, most online users browse the internet on mobile devices, which is why all websites we create feature a responsive, mobile-friendly design and are configured for optimum conversion capacity.

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