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Whether you are trying to grow your overall patient base or attract a certain type of patient, search engine optimization (SEO) provides the foundation you need.

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SEO is the art of finding and fulfilling patients needs during the research phase of their journey, because 4 out of 5 will use search to find, compare, and qualify your practice. A website working for you 24/7 can work even better when it’s optimized for local keyword searches that people are using to find a doctor in your area. 

We are your marketing partner in keeping your website highly visible in search engines, resulting in increased traffic to your website and practice. With Juniper, you can track your success online and work with a dedicated dental and medical SEO team to improve and maintain your practice’s search engine visibility, driving patient conversions and ROI to your practice.

Why Pay for SEO?

Search engines are constantly making updates that can greatly affect your online presence. Your competition and keywords are also in continual flux, and search engines now demand more fresh content than ever before. Top it off with the rapid rise of mobile search, and you’ll quickly see the value of a pro-level SEO program. Juniper’s SEO services are results-driven and effective, designed to deliver. Ranking on page one is a means to an end, not the end itself. We work to improve your  website rankings, bringing you a return on your online marketing investment in the form of increased web visits and more new patient leads.

What’s the cost of a number 1 ranking one year later? Free. Unlike paid advertising, the money you invest in SEO will keep attracting and converting qualified patients for years to come, reducing your cost per lead a little more every day.

SEO Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your practice or organization gets the most out of our services.

1. Discovery

Discovery exercises: Share your subject-matter expertise and business goals with our team in five quick and easy discovery exercises. No time wasted.

SEO audit: Uncover immediate wins with long lasting results, like improving website performance and structure, cleaning up the backend of your site, and rewriting thin content.

Competitive analysis: Prevent failures and expedite success by identifying what has and hasn’t worked for your competitors.

2. Plan

SEO strategy: Define a list of priorities by making hard choices now about what we will and won’t pursue. And chart the course for the next four quarters.

Expectation timeline: Stay prepared by knowing what to expect on a weekly basis for the first three months of our partnership.

3. Optimization

Technical SEO: Increase rankings by helping visitors better navigate your website and search engines better crawl it.

Local optimization: Increase your visibility and search real estate by ranking your Google My Business page in local results for your most trafficked keywords.

Medical business listings: Be discoverable across dozens of medical directories and review sites, not just on Google, so your patients can find you no matter where they look.

Conversion Optimization: Turn website visitors into patients with content optimized for conversions, not just Google.

4. Influence

Patients: Does it add value to the patient’s’ journey, regardless of what Google might think? It better, because last time we checked, Google doesn’t pay your bills. Patients first. Then Google. Always.

Authority: Authority is the currency of SEO. Become the online authority your offline experience deserves by sharing subject-matter expertise with your community.

Reputation: 77% of patients use online reviews to qualify doctors at the beginning of their search. Without high star ratings, you can forget SEO.

5. Refine

Conversion tracking: Take the mystery out of SEO: measure the efficacy of your SEO by how much revenue and profit it generates.

Business listing analytics: Monitor how your patients interact with your brand everywhere online, not just Google and Bing.

Reporting: Monthly analytics that tell us where we should go, not justify where we’ve been.

Why you should be using Content, website design and digital marketing, paid ads, and SEO to get more patients for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ

The cornerstone to your online presence

77% of patients start with search
~ Search Engine Land

86% of people search for a local business weekly; 58% search daily
~Search Engine Land

51% of all website traffic on average comes from search engines ~Business2Community

76% of local searches result in a phone call to a business
~ Hubspot University

Juniper makes all this S.E.O. and P.P.C suff seem E.A.S.Y!!! We as dentists don’t have time to figure out and implement this other important aspect of running a practice which is why we are so fortunate we found these guys!
Dr. Mannella

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Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Choose Local SEO?

More than 77% of patients look for doctors on search engines. Being accessible to your patients when they’re looking for you allows you to drive prospects to your website that you know, without a doubt, intend on making a purchase.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

Yes, but our contracts don’t include terms (e.g. 6 months or 12 months). We’ll absorb the risk and earn your business each month- you can cancel anytime with a 60-day notice.

How Do You Measure SEO Success?

We use later-stage metrics to determine the efficacy of your SEO program (leads, consultations, and revenue). Because rankings and traffic don’t always mean more patients.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

SEO can take 6-12 months to have an impact on your bottom line since changes made today might not change search results until months later. If you need business yesterday, we recommend leveraging your existing patient base first. SEO is a long-term strategy.

What Can I Expect In The First 3 Months?

For the first three months of our relationship, we’ll follow a weekly expectation timeline as we build the foundation to your SEO program. No surprises. But the majority of our time will be spent on the first three phases of the approach section above

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