Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

A strategic roadmap to winning with digital marketing.

Our Process

Devise a roadmap to maximize results


Just like when you watch yourself on camera, seeing your digital marketing program from the outside isn’t always pretty. But a 360-degree view, flaws and all, allows us to develop a growth marketing playbook that exploits advantages and fortifies vulnerabilities.

  • Goal alignment: Goals, strategy, and execution are all aligned to maximize digital marketing results.
  • Prioritized opportunities: Opportunities and their expected benefits are ranked by priority.
  • Action plan: Based on business impact, your action plan gives you a clear starting point.
  • 90-day calendar: We lay out and maintain a 90-day execution calendar to ensure accountability.
digital marketing strategy
Digital marketing strategy to grow your business

Complete a gap analysis across all digital tactics


Our Digital Impact Scorecard is a comprehensive look at how your business is doing in the digital space and how it can improve. This ultimately forms the backbone of your business because when each team and each individual understands where you want to go, why you need to get there, and how you’re going to do it, you win big.

  • Technology assessment: Understand how technology across sales and marketing impacts customers so you know where to focus assets.
  • You vs. best practices: Pinpoint where your inbound, digital, social, and paid media tactics fall short of industry standards and your goals.
  • SEO evaluation: See how your search engine optimization stakes up in the market and where you can improve.
  • Reputation valuation: Understand your authority and influence and how to leverage it.
  • Sales/marketing alignment: Speed sales cycles and enhance lead quality by getting these departments on the same page.
  • Platform inquiry: Ensure you are using the correct sales and marketing technology to pursue your goals.

Know your customers (and how to influence them)


Cutting through the clutter and establishing what’s important (and what’s not) to your customers is necessary to growing your business. Instead of chasing ineffective paths, our persona and buyer’s journey workshop ensures you focus your efforts and resources on what’s going to work.

  • Deep research: Get to know your customers’, prospects’, and stakeholders’ needs and pain points.
  • Buyer’s personas: Know who your customers are, what their buyer’s journey looks like, and how to optimize the journey for results.
  • Behavior analysis: Understand how your users behave and what visitors are looking for on your website.
  • Content opportunities: We map out ways to create consumable content based on the largest customer needs.
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Understand your competition


In order to move forward in your market—without taking two steps forward and one step back—you’ve got to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) to not only your company, but your competitor’s. Our competitor SWOT analysis gives you an effective strategy for moving your business forward.

  • In-depth competitor review: Get to truly know your competitors and their digital position.
  • Reverse engineer: By understanding where your competition succeeds, you can provide a superior offering.
  • Capitalize on weakness: Knowing where your competition lacks allows you to provide customers with a product or service that fills that void.
  • Sustain your advantage: We’ll provide recommendations on how to create and maintain a digital advantage.

Partner with seasoned strategists


Our digital strategists are an award-winning team with extensive client-side experience. They understand where you’re currently at in the marketplace and can help you get you where you want to go.

  • Goal planning: A guided goal-planning workshop serves as the foundation for your business strategy.
  • Integrated approach: From product launch to sales opportunities, our strategist take a holistic look at your organization.
  • Expert recommendations: Recommendations for moving your business forward reflect the expertise of the Juniper team.
Partner with seasoned strategists