Marketing your medical or healthcare practice to get more patients and appointments

Running A Practice Without Marketing Is Like Breathing Without Oxygen

We have met many doctors who are proud to say they don’t believe in marketing. They might as well be saying that they don’t believe in technology, finance or human resources – the basic tenets of running a business.

For a healthcare or medical practice to be successful – just like any other small business in America – they need to understand and use all the basic principles of business. As you would surely learn in Business 101, marketing is as basic and necessary for business as oxygen is for breathing.

Whether you like it or not, marketing is a necessary part of your small business private practice. It is not optional. The only thing that is optional is whom you choose as your marketing partner. Choose wisely.

Choose a partner who is exclusively involved in healthcare and who understands issues of privacy, ethics, technology, reputation and standing in the community – issues that affect healthcare providers more acutely than they would in other types of businesses.
Healthcare marketing is not something to be left in the hands of your nephew across town or the local “ad agency.”

With countless hours, days, years of experience, the wise choice is Juniper. Ask us how we can contribute to your practice health today!