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Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown sought a modernized, beautiful and tasteful website that would balance the need for cutting edge technology.  While their SEO and online rankings through a former online marketing team were fairly good locally, they wanted to improve on-site conversion to get more patient inquiries from the same volume of visitors and improve their rankings in the surround areas.

Over the course of the first year after creating and launching the new website overseen by Juniper Consulting Group, organic unique visitor counts have more than doubled, conversion rate has more than tripled and monthly conversion rates (how many visitors to the site call or email) has exceeded 16% vs. a typical in-industry average of around 5%. Revenue has grown dramatically as well and the sky is the limit for the future of Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown’s growing practice.

Before the redesign of the website, while not terrible, it felt dated, there was a lack of calls to action/contact forms, limited showcasing of doctor accolades and expertise, and mediocre stock photography throughout. The practice’s logo colors were overused creating a cramped and dark feeling. Junipers strategies help solve each of these challenges

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The current home page immediately showcases the doctors office and does so with a more open, welcoming feel. Calls to action are throughout the home page, to contact buttons, to phone numbers and more, but they are not intrusive. This is the synergy between massive content & sales goals, and UX/ UI excellence.

In a smaller town many local assume it is best to travel to a larger city to find excellence. By investing in impressive photography of the doctor, staff and the offices, plus writing detailed content and using logos and visual aids to ensure the website visitor can see the world-class nature of small-town practice, we capture leads and convert visitors ensuring they realize they need not travel to receive industry-leading care and service.


While this slide showcases early results after launching the website, and those results are impressive with visitor counts jumping from just over 1,000 to over 2,000 in just 4 months, visitor counts have continued to rise since. Check out our next slide and information to truly see the power of being overseen by Juniper Consulting Group.

In just 12 months from the date of launch, patient inquiry (conversions) volume went from 50 to over 100, which should translate to doubling online sales. This is not the exception to the rule and we are truly proud of the work we accomplish as our clients, like Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown have not only worked for 20 years to develop their brand and reputation, thus deserving the success and recognition, but they are also our friends and their success is personal to the Juniper team.

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