What is PPC (Pay Per Click Ads)

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our PPC Management services help you acquire new clients faster. PPC Management is the process of advertising your firm through search engines. When people search for a service like yours on Google or Bing, we will help your business appear at the top.

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Promoting Through Paid Advertisements

A website’s success is dependent not only on the demand for the services it promotes but also the intricacy of its marketing system. Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one way to generate web traffic by bidding on ads to boost searchability and relevancy. Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising falls under the SEM umbrella and allows site owners to pay only when their ad has been clicked. Our team carefully monitors what works for our clients’ businesses and filters out what does not work to produce positive ROI (return on investment).

The Proof is in the Pudding

We take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way when looking at SEM.


Increase in CPC (cost per click) when optimizing the correct keywords


Increase in CTR (click through rate) when adjusting the ads to conversion


Increase in clicks when adjusting the negative keyword list

Building a strong foundation

Landing Pages

In today’s tech-savvy culture, a website is more than just an information resource; it is also a crucial component of any business plan. At Juniper Consulting Group, we combine clean, modern visuals with data-driven content and mobile-friendly adaptability to create finely tuned websites and landing pages reflective of ads. Our design team produces quality web pages with the following attributes: Custom design; Conversion-centric; Fully responsive.


A/B testing of advertisements helps us understanding and define the most opportune action keywords that work for a specific service and a targeted user. By implementing a thorough testing process, we can identify website elements that work, collect user data, and track conversion rates.


Supplementing websites with a PPC management program involves advertising in the form of streamlined ads. Branded or non-branded advertisements can be purchased to draw consumers to your firm based on what services they are researching and what concerns they seek solutions for. Web ads may incorporate various engagement opportunities such as: Call extensions; Site link extensions; Click-through rate (CTR) improvements.


We create campaigns and ad groups that focus on specific topics, services, and locations. Then we can move our clients’ budget to more rewarding elements in their campaign. Our clients know what demographics we are targeting, ad formats and keywords we are utilizing, and where their budget is being used. We maximize your ROI using: Strategic ad groups; Transparency with clients; Effective reporting and testing.

Advertising Channels

Making the most of your web marketing investment is a top priority. Our marketing team at Juniper Consulting Group uses following SEM/PPC tools to develop advanced and profitable advertising:

Google AdWords

Provides versatile internet advertising using a variety of ad formats (i.e., search, display, video, and app ads). With this program, clients can choose to reach a local audience or cast a larger geographical net for maximum CRO. Google AdWords also offers tracking and testing tools for comprehensive ad management.

Bing Ads

Allows clients to connect with potential consumers who are searching for specific services using general terms. This channel attaches distinct keywords to each ad so that potential consumers searching for relevant services can see the appropriate ads. Bing Ads also provides tracking data to determine ad success in regards to conversions, cost, CTR, etc.

Facebook Ads

A user-friendly advertising platform that dictates who sees which ads depending on the relevant interests and behaviors of a given audience. Clients can choose which particular demographic they want to reach based on location, age, occupation, hobbies, and recent purchases.

Retargeted marketing

Not all lost sales are lost. In fact, research shows that retargeted clients are 70% more likely to buy from you than from a competitor.

Why is retargeting so effective? Simple! People like to shop around. If you attract a prospect during this stage of the purchasing process, it’s only natural that you won’t close the sale. It’s not because your service isn’t good or right, but it’s actually because clients are not ready to pull the trigger yet. This is where our team of retargeting experts comes in. We look at your website to see who spent more than 2 minutes on your website and we save their information in our database to then later feed them specific content based on their search interest. For example, if someone spent more time looking at a specific service, we will not let them sleep until they schedule a consultation. Our algorithm will show them your ads, interesting facts about the service, blog posts, and relevant promotions everywhere they go – Facebook, LinkedIn and millions of other sites.

Continuous optimization

PPC and retargeted marketing is an ever-changing game. To stay on top you need to continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize your approach. We never just set up and forget your campaigns If your cost per click can be lowered or your conversion rate can be improved or if there’s a new trend coming up or a new competitor, we are aware of it and know how to act accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ads can be located anywhere on a search engine results page. Yours may be placed above or below organic search results as well as on either side of the list.

SEM and PPC attract the target demographic to your website by making your site more visible on search engines. An increase in online visibility leads to more site traffic and a higher chance of conversion. We use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to not only increase the number of site visitors but to also prompt site visitors to engage with the website. For optimal conversion, all of our clients’ web pages include:

  • CRO-centric features
  • Calls to action
  • Call tracking using a local phone number

SEM and PPC are designed to complement other marketing strategies such as SEO, social networking, and website optimization. While SEM and PPC marketing can draw more visitors to your website via search engines, a comprehensive marketing plan can hold visitor attention and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate.

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