How to create your own dental marketing strategy and attract new patients

How To Create Your Own Dental Marketing Strategy and Attract New Patients

Is your dental practice growth stagnant, or worse, falling? Do you need to figure out how to attract new patients ASAP? Have you invested a lot into “some marketing stuff” but now you’re not seeing the expected flow of new patients?

Either way, we’ll guide you through the steps to figure out a marketing strategy that will attract the new dental patients you’re looking for.

1. Start by evaluating

What makes your dental practice different than the one down the street? Before you can successfully market to anyone, you need to know WHY they would want to choose you over a similar dental practice in the area.

Knowing your unique service proposition is the first step in developing a solid marketing strategy for your dental practice.

Think outside of your clinical expertise and dental terminology. Obviously, your level of experience is important, but the truth of the matter is, that’s not going to be what actually gets potential patients to schedule an appointment with you.

Here’s some ideas to get you brainstorming:

  • Do you offer a extremely close family-centered atmosphere?
  • TV’s or music in your chairs?
  • Easy communication with the office?
  • Painless techniques or sedation?

What does your dental practice offer that differentiates you from every other practice in your area? Think outside the box.

2. Identify your target audience

What kind of dental patients are you looking to attract?

Is there a certain insurance plan you’d prefer, or are you looking for more fee-for-service patients? What neighborhoods and areas of town do your potential patients live? What do they do for a living, and what is their family situation? Long-term patient, or one-hit-wonder patient?

If you have multiple target audience segments, that’s perfectly ok! There is no right or wrong answer to who your target audience is. As long as enough people exist within your target audience to sustain your desired practice growth, you can make it work!

3. Craft your message

Think about your unique service proposition (USP) and your target audience.

What USP’s will resonate best with each audience segment? Craft a message and a call-to-action for each, ensuring that your marketing message is relevant and interesting to your target audience.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to focus on how family-friendly your practice is for unmarried, young professionals. You’d want to focus on how convenient your hours are. If you’re targeting high-income households, your messaging doesn’t need to focus on how convenient your in-office payment plans are. Instead, you’d focus on the upscale features in your office, like the ability to watch a show of the patients’ choosing during their exam.

4. Choose your channels wisely

With your target audience in mind, do some research and brainstorming on advertising channels. More than likely, different platforms and methods will work better on one audience than another, so you’ll need to spread out your efforts. Consider digital advertising like Facebook ads and Google AdWords, as well as traditional methods like direct mail and local community fairs.

Additionally, don’t forget about free or low-cost channels like implementing good patient referral program, a review generation system, participating in local community groups on social media and partnering with other local businesses.

5. Make it easy for potential patients to convert

As you begin investing time and effort into your dental marketing plan, make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity by enabling real-time online scheduling. That way, when patients find your practice through your amazing marketing efforts, they’ll be able to book an appointment instantly, 24/7.

In doing so, you’ll convert more patients and increase the ROI of your marketing by removing the need to call your dental practice during office hours.


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