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Harvard Medical School

Dr. Wilfred Ngwa

Project Overview

We all want an opportunity to belong and to be a part of some momentous experience. Fortunately, we at Juniper have the chance to help uplift the digital presence of the preeminent health program in the country, Harvard Medical School, as it establishes itself firmly in the collaborative spirit of the Global Health Catalyst initiative. But what is this initiative? Their vision reads, “We have a dream that one day cancer will be eradicated, and that people of all socio-economic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds will have access to quality healthcare.” There really are not many goals more critical than complete health equity, void of discrimination and injustice. So how does Harvard Medical School and the Global Health Catalyst Initiative spread their message to build support and make real change? Well, that is where we come in to create a compelling website and use Harvard’s established brand to elevate the Initiative’s digital presence. What follows is an explanation of the Juniper process, highlighting the last several months partnering with Harvard Medical School and the steps taken to build their online presence for the foreseeable future.

The Plan

Juniper’s process is inherently detailed and methodical. Our first step is to establish a working and long-term relationship with our main point of contact, and on this particular project, his name is Dr. Wilfred Ngwa. Through numerous phone, video conference, and in-person meetings, we established synergy with Dr. Ngwa and received all pertinent information to proceed with the digital project, including the overall vision of the Harvard Medical School and their alliance with Global Health Catalyst. The initial meetings with our partners—we prefer this term over clients—is the first step of our process, which is a modified system development life cycle (SDLC). Our SDLC consists of many steps or “phases” including planning, conceptual design, logical design, implementation, etc., and is used for any computer system we develop, especially websites and subsequent digital presence.

The Feedback

Because of the efficiency of our team, the website was created ahead of schedule, implemented with amazing user experience (UX) design, proper search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and passion. Having established a great relationship with Dr. Ngwa, planning and executing the digital marketing strategy came with relative ease. We reached out to various organizations, athletic centers, outreach groups, and the like for partnership building with this initiative. Because of Harvard’s stellar reputation, coupled with our digital expertise, we were not surprised to get tremendous feedback from prominent organizations and programs in the healthcare industry.

The Future

As with most things that matter, the Global Health Catalyst Initiative has a vision that stems from their ideology, their “ethos” if you will. Their ethos is in the word ubuntu meaning, “I am because we are.” This speaks of a collectivist culture, understanding that the needs and goals of the group should outweigh the individual, and in healthcare, this culture should supersede all others. Their ethos also emphasizes collaboration and the Initiative is cognizant that their ambitious vision can only be achieved through the sharing and pulling of resources among top health programs. Because of the Initiative and Harvard Medical School’s overall vision and ethos, and our partnership with the latter to build a robust website and heighten their digital presence, the future is looking very bright for healthcare and the possibility of health equity for all.

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