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As the dental and medical industry becomes ever more specialized, so must the marketing firms that serve your practice. Yesterday’s plans to optimize your profits, increase your patient flow and improve your reputation don’t always work for today’s consumer. You need a digital marketing firm that:

  •  Thoroughly understands your specific needs in the medical market
  •  Appreciates the behind-the-scenes challenges of your practice
  • Has proven successfully that it’s strategies work
  • Provides digital marketing and web development services in New Jersey to help you succeed
  • Delivers effective solutions and dynamic content
  • Has experience delivering strategic advertising to medical practices
  • Most importantly, gets patients walking through your door

Meet today’s consumers where they go for medical referrals: online. Your marketing efforts must cover the same online territory that Juniper Consulting Group understands.

Discover the difference a marketing company can mean to your practice. Discover the difference the Juniper team can make to your growth. Contact us today!

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When we started with Juniper Consulting Group, a good website and SEO was all that was needed. Over time we have grown and evolved, as had digital marketing. We now rely on Juniper expertise, allowing us to attract new patients through multiple digital strategies, including search, social and referral. They remain the key to our marketing and growth.
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The power has shifted…

Consumers have more access, control, and choices than ever before, which means that winning
patients isn’t about what you do anymore; it’s about how you do it.

Today, marketing is about creating value, not selling services.


Use promotional techniques to persuade customers to buy what you’re selling.



Use customer insights to create products and services they actually need.



Focus on customer loyalty and developing long-term, repeat business.



Be a utility to your prospects so when they’re ready to buy, they’ll choose you.


In the Value Era, patients don’t want or trust your sales pitch…


By the year 2020, 80% of the entire buyer’s journey is expected to occur without any human interaction.



is the number of devices that use software to block advertisements online.



of adults trust recommendations from each other more than statements from brands.


In the Value Era, patients don’t want or trust your sales pitch…

“Show us you’re the best, don’t tell us.”

“Help us solve our problems before asking for our money.”

“Earn our trust over time.”

“Be a resource when, where, and how I need you.”

In the Value Era, patients don’t want or trust your sales pitch…

In the Value Era, patients don’t want or trust your sales pitch…

Old era: Takers

  • Marketing as a department (silo within the business)
  • Push marketing messages to prospects (interruption)
  • Use marketing to drive immediate sales because customers don’t have other options
  • Price and product as differentiators
  • Cheapen bonds between patients by competing on price
  • Lower profits

New era: Givers

  • Marketing as a service (everyone’s a marketer)
  • Pull prospects to you by solving problems (utilitarian)
  • Use marketing to build a loyal audience because customers have infinite options
  • Experience as a differentiator
  • Deepen bonds between patients by competing on value
  • Higher profits

We’re living in the era of value, and the Givers rule the world.

We know which side we’re on. Do you?

In the Value Era, patients don’t want or trust your sales pitch…

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