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We're A Team Within Your Team

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Our Approach Starts With Strategy

The Juniper team consists of passionate individuals who approach every client project with fresh eyes and tailored tactics. Our work, both independently and collectively, is designed to support a professional business model while contributing to its success. We’re here to help your business achieve its goals through a multidisciplinary approach to strategic digital marketing.

Our clients range in size from single-member businesses to large professional organizations, each relying on our team for expert industry knowledge (in both our field as well as their specialty). The attentive service you desire is the attentive service you may anticipate. We’re on your side.

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behind the scenes

Everything we do is rooted in relationships, because we believe digital is far from distant.



Getting to know the people we work with and helping them achieve their goals is at the core of who we are.



We dive into different ideas through a collaborative, data-driven process to determine the best approach.



We ask a lot of questions because finding the best solution starts with making sure we know what you need.



We communicate openly and often to maintain a transparent process and clarity about project details.

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