About Juniper.

The secret ingredient to both national and local success is authenticity. People want meaning. They crave connection. And with the right digital agency by your side, you can uncover the diamond in the rough, polish it up, and have it serve as the shining light that guides your marketing efforts. This diamond isn’t a cool logo or a great website, it’s all of those things, and then some: you may know it as your brand essence, the why behind the what that drives both form and function.

What We Do.

Website Design

Web is one of the most important channels for audience interaction. We want your website to communicate with precision and personality. Any touchpoint can lead to a lifelong relationship with the audience. Let us translate your company’s purpose and personality into a meaningful digital identity.


Our sprint-based approach eliminates distraction and focuses on a singular goal: how your brand stands out in the world. From finding your competitive advantage to building out your positioning framework, this is where key insights allow the creative to tap into customer habits and motivations.

Our Values.


Everything we create is in service of growing your business. And we believe it’s best when we put our whole heart into it.

Iterate & Improve

How can we simplify? Where can we push? What will take your business to the next level? These are the questions that keep us up. And their answers keep your audience engaged.

Young team.
In an old game.

Everything we create is in service of growing your business. And we believe it’s best when we put our whole heart into it.

We’re here for you to get there.

Good branding means differentiation. The average age for our staff is 28 and that’s a vital part of our offering: fresh perspectives and ideas that are bound to turn some heads.

We always get to an outcome.

This isn’t just design for design’s sake. Our projects always end with product design and visual designs you can implement.

Some of our past work.

People who work here are an integral part of the experiences we create with our clients. We put a lot of ourselves into our work, digging deep into problems to make them go away. While much of our work is building beautiful digital products people want to use, we’re just as intrigued to create physical experiences. How we get there differs every time. We know the way(s); we’ll get you there.
We’re serious professionals who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are not normal – mostly in good ways. We have strong opinions, held back rather weakly. We’ve made ourselves into a destination agency for independent thinkers who challenge conventions to make things right, and a haven for do-gooder types who want to work hard if only to make things work better.

View One Of Our Favorite Projects.

Interior Design

Avery BOLD

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Who we work with.

Interior Design Firms

If the website for an interior designer or architect looks unprofessional and sloppy, how can a potential client trust you to design or build their home? Many won’t and will simply move on to a competitor that has taken the time to have their website professionally created by an experienced website designer. In this day and age, it’s crucial to have a website for your business. And, when you are in an industry that relies on aesthetics to attract clients, such as interior designers, home builders, general contractors, or architects, a beautifully designed and functional website is even more critical.

Financial Service Firms

Financial service businesses have different demands for website design than other kinds of companies. A website for a financial services company must balance security, compliance, customer experience, messaging and branding. That takes finding the right web designer with experience. A financial service website can make all the difference in how a customer or prospect feels about your brand. A website should let a user find what they need but also steer them in the direction you want them to go. The journey through the sales funnel should be intuitive.