12 Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a study in 2014 and discovered that there were over 15.6 million cosmetic procedures done in the US. This was a 5% increase from the previous year’s figures.

In the competitive industry of plastic surgery, staying on top of the latest technologies and techniques is crucial. Just like other medical fields, marketing plays a vital role in the survival and growth of your practice. As a plastic surgeon, you need effective online marketing strategies to promote your practice to the local patients and add more patients to your practice.

Research shows that 85% of people turn to the internet to find the services they need. Directories and phone books are a thing of the past.

One of the reasons traditional advertising methods have an unfavorable ROI and unqualified leads is because the ads do not target a particular segment of people. Internet marketing allows you to put your message in front of people most likely to become customers.

If your practice is struggling to find new patients or retain existing customers, here are some marketing strategies that will increase your visibility.

Prove That you are an Expert in Your Field

While having an optimized site is important, it is not enough to turn your online visitors into paying clients. People looking for plastic surgeons are intelligent and are ready to spend on cosmetic procedures. To convince them that you are the right person for the job, you need to incorporate quality content into your marketing strategy.

Include information about the different procedures you offer. Search engines value quality content and the more information you provide, the higher your chances of ranking highly on search engines. You can make work easier by having all the relevant and current information in different formats such as infographics, contact information, blogs, and social media posts. Most importantly, prominently display before and after pictures of your work so that clients can get a feel for your quality.

Optimize Your Practice for Local Search

The majority of patients looking for a plastic surgeon will first head online to check your reviews and ratings. If your practice is not listed in the local search results, you might be losing out on traffic.

The only way to increase your local market share is to create complete and informative business profiles of your practice on local business directories, as well as, Google My Business.

Moreover, listing your practice on local directories improves your brand identity and reputation.

Online Video Promotion

Videos have become increasingly popular as more people are now shifting from plain text listings. Unlike plain content that may not be as convincing, videos create a deeper influence on the mind of the target audience. This improves your chances of converting potential leads into customers.

Incorporate Social Networks into Your Strategy

Many practices believe that having a website is enough. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Integrating social networks into your marketing strategy can multiply your visibility exponentially. Having a Facebook page gives you a chance to reach new patients who may not have been looking for a plastic surgeon.

If you are just starting out, Facebook and Twitter would be ideal. Do not forget to link your blog to these social media sites to alert your audience about the latest article.

Take Advantage of Google Display Advertising

Google AdWords is a keyword based advertising service that makes it easy for the business to expand there online reach. Display ads are commonly see alongside, above, and below the content of popular, and industry related websites. You can fine tune the targeting to stay in front of your audience and engage them effectively.

Practice Email Marketing

Email marketing is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to connect with your existing patients. When sending out emails, ensure that they are informative, fun, and eye-catching. You could list some of your offers with a fixed expiration date to get your patients to respond immediately.

Increase Revenues for Every Patient

Did you know that 20% of existing patients would take advantage of more procedures if they knew about them? While waiting for other marketing strategies to take hold, you can use fast-acting marketing projects that will give you revenue immediately. Your existing patients know and trust you. This means that they are more inclined to respond to your marketing efforts.

Take advantage of these marketing strategies to cross promote similar procedures and treatments.

While at it, encourage your existing patients to refer their friends and family. Be sure to offer something special for each referral that makes an appointment.

Guest Blog on Relevant Sites

Obtaining high-quality links take time and effort. One of the ways you can acquire quality backlinks is to guest blog on relevant sites, such as, beauty blogs. These websites are glad to have articles written by a professional plastic surgeon in exchange for a link. This is an awesome way to increase visibility on search engines.

Go virtual

Several clients want to know more about plastic surgery without meeting you face to face. These clients would appreciate an opportunity to air their concerns on any of the procedures that you perform. You can hold a webinar with prospects that you contacted with email marketing or can also go live on social sites such as Facebook.

In the live sessions, you explain the basics of plastic surgery to the prospects, add in some information on potential risks (do not go too deep on this one) and other concerns within the industry. You can then give your listeners a chance to ask questions. Some of the questions can be answered during the session while others communicated through the email.

Make every patient experience exceptional

An exceptional patient experience is the most effective marketing tool for any healthcare and cosmetic surgery institution. To achieve an outstanding customer experience, you need to create and maintain key performance indicators that ensure quality service.

Some of the strategies that you can put in place to enhance the experience include cultivation of a healthy work culture at the premises, quality leadership programs, bench-marking the leading plastic surgery organizations in the industry and coming up with ways to measure customer satisfaction.

In the digital era, most people will look at the reviews of service or product before making a decision to buy. Hundreds of raving customer reviews will get the institution hundreds of interested customers.

Paid Search Marketing

If your content marketing program and the social media strategy are taking too long to bring more traffic to your site, you may also include paid search marketing in your marketing strategy. Do background research on the phrases people use when looking for plastic surgery services. Pick a keyword that is most likely to bring potential clients to your site.

For PPC marketing to work effectively, it must be paired with a well-designed website and other strategies to move the leads down the marketing funnel.

Use emotionally compelling adverts on offline media

Even with the rise of the online media, the offline media is still very effective in marketing plastic surgery and healthcare services. Thus, it is important to include it in your marketing plan. According to a study by Google on healthcare marketing in 2012, it was found that 84 percent of the clients used both offline and online sources for their research before deciding on the service provider to use for their treatment. A similar thing would happen with plastic surgery.

Emotionally compelling print, TV, and outdoor ads stir up the emotions and feelings of  happiness, self-love and achievement. These adverts are very effective in driving the audience into action. Just ensure that the adverts are spun in a way that they are positive and have a clear call to action. You can then reinforce this strategy by providing a lot of information and offers through your online platforms.

You can combine as many strategies as possible for your plastic surgery practice. However, given the costs and efforts required to ensure that each of the strategies work, don’t spread yourself too thin.

If you aren’t sure where to start, our plastic surgeon SEO services paired with a solid paid advertising campaign can open the door for a flood of new patients into your practice.