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Data-driven digital marketing and website development services for your Princeton medical practice; focused on driving new patient appointments.

Your patient’s are searching online. Shouldn’t you be the first one they see?

Attract new patients through your website with the online dental and medical marketing expertise of Juniper Consulting Group. More and more people look to the Internet for the best medical practice before they even make a call. Your site needs to be visible, prominent and trustworthy. Whether you’re opening a new dental practice or you’re ready to energize an existing practice, our objective is to get your phone ringing.


You’re the experts in the dental and medical industry; we’re the experts in the world of website design and digital marketing. Together we can build the thriving practice you envision.

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Our Expertise

Using website design and website developent to get more patients for healthcare, medical and dental industry

Website Development

Transform your “brochure” website into your marketing infrastructure. Everyone has a beautiful website, but not everyone has a system for winning new patients.

Using SEO or search engine optimization to get more patients for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ


Your online medical marketing strategy has to match your actions to your goals. This service develops an online marketing strategy for your practice to attract more patients.

Content marketing for Healthcare, medical and dental marketing industry in Princeton, NJ

Content Marketing

Build barriers against competition and commoditization by becoming your patient’s anchor of expertise. So when everyone else competes on price, you can charge more.

Using PPC, google ads, facebook ads or pay per click ads to get more patients for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ

Paid Search Marketing

Transparent results driven paid search management. We pride ourselves on delivering enterprise level paid marketing management with a creative touch.

With a Juniper marketing plan, you will be able to:

  • 1. Get More Patients To Say Yes
  • 2. Empower Your Staff
  • 3. Improve Your Practice's Profitability
  • 4. Attract More New Patients in Princeton NJ
  • 5. Increase Your Professional Referrals
  • 6. Attract More Of The Patients You Want To See
  • 7. Overcome Competition in Princeton NJ
  • 8. Improve Your Web Presence
  • 9. Get Patients From The Internet
  • 10. Let Patients Find You On Search Engines (SEO)
  • 11. Protect And Improve Your Online Reputation And Reviews
  • 12. Enhance Your Social Media Presence
  • 13. Keep Your Practice Independent And Avoid Hospital Buyout
  • 14. Improve Your Patients’ Experience
Get more patients for cosmetic surgery practice in Princeton, plastic surgery practice in Princeton

Transparency included


We’ll absorb all the risk. Cancel any time with a 60-day notice if you’re not happy or we’re not living up to our end of the bargain.


To ensure an effortless transition, we developed an onboarding program for all new clients, complete with call agendas, discovery exercises and expectation timelines.


No hostage holding here. Websites, content, software… everything we create to help you grow your business is yours forever, even if we part ways.


Client: Harvard Medical School

We are doing some really cool things with the Global Health Catalyst at Harvard Medical School and we’re so excited about it that we decided to make a case study.

Harvard Medical School and Global Health Catalyst in Boston

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Make an
Instant Impact.

Our client's reviews

"Thank you Juniper! With your help we are able to retain 75-80% of the inquiries we receive, as compared to before when we were losing 45% of the patients who called or emailed for appointments. We have restructured our office staff, increased our leads and client retention. Our ROI has been going up every week since we restructured, retrained, and started the practice."
Doctor that uses digital and inbound marketing for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ to attract patients
Dr. Findlay
Plastic Surgeon
"I am an extremely satisfied client of Juniper Consulting Group. They manage my primary website and social media efforts… My site metrics increased significantly under their management. My FB page has been remarkably successful and we now have over 4,000 likes. I would unequivocally recommend Juniper for any website build and for all of your SEO and social media needs. Great work Juniper!
Doctor that uses digital marketing for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ
Dr. Andrews
Plastic Surgeon
"Starting a new business, I was overwhelmed by the many aspects of marketing in the cosmetic medicine space. Juniper was a godsend! I was allocated an awesome team who were easy to communicate with, took the time to identify my specific needs and style, and were very detailed and proactive in their approach to my website. I can’t recommend them enough! Thank you Juniper Consulting Group"
Doctor that uses digital marketing for healthcare, medical and dental industry in Princeton, NJ
Dr. Khinda
Cosmetic Physician

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